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Infrared Yoga

SPY Fitness was one of the first studios in the valley to offer the use of infrared heat. Infrared heat offers so many benefits some of which include: increased flexibility, increased circulation, detoxification, weight loss and pain relief. Infrared also offers anti aging benefits by helping to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles in the skin.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga offers the use of a yoga “hammock” which can be viewed in three ways: as a prop to assist students into poses they may otherwise not be able to get into, as a prop for students to deepen their practice by allowing deeper variations to poses they may think they have mastered and, finally as a full-on apparatus inverting and suspending students off of the ground. Come try it today!


Barre is a class that incorporates elements of Ballet, Pilates and Yoga. Using the “barre” as a prop students are guided through a challenging yet fun and upbeat workout. Props may or may not be used but get ready to fire up that core and burn fat while sculpting muscles like never before!



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I'm newer to town and have been trying different pilates studios. Its also been a while since I've had a regular workout routine so the search can be intimidating. Well, I think I found the right studio to get back into shape!
- Julie
I sampled most of the yoga and pilates studios when I first moved to Scottsdale, and SPY is the absolute best in town. They offer a great variety of classes- yoga, barre, reformer pilates, therapy rolling ball, TRX, and they…
- Caitlin
I absolutely love this studio. From the first class I took over a month ago, I knew it was different than every other standard studio. The instructors all care about you and truly invest in your well being. I'm beyond happy to have joined
- Sara

About SPY

SPY Fitness is a family-owned and operated fitness training business committed to enabling our clients to reach heights they may have never before thought possible. Our training philosophy embodies healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. We want our clients to experience themselves at their very best, and then pass it on to their families and friends.

Our clients come to us with a variety of ambitions. Some want to gain strength, flexibility, and mental calmness. Some want to find functionality that was lost along the way. And some want to lose part of themselves on the scale. Whatever that special need, we have the expertise and the intuition to care for it.

SPY’s commitment to excellence extends to our trainers as well. We hire skilled, caring professionals to guide our clients toward their goals in an open, inspiring environment conveniently located in North Scottsdale. We offer our trainers on-going educational opportunities and an atmosphere of respect.

At SPY Fitness, we feel most complete when we reach out to the community. We enjoy supporting the non-profit organizations whose philosophies align with our vision and encourage our trainers to do the same. To all of those that we have the opportunity to touch, we will strive to help them reach their own mountaintops and Function Well. Live Well.


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